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Registration begins May 1, 2020. Watch for more details!

Congratulations to our 2020 National Champions!


"5 years with DWR and my daughter has grown so much as a dancer and a person!

The staff is fabulous and helpful when needed."

∼ Niki McCaffery (Kiran's Mom)


"In a world of competition, you have somehow cultivated a culture of family at this dance studio.

Everyone is welcome, everyone is loved, everyone is celebrated." 

-- Emilee Leonard (Grave & Olivia's Mom)

"The DWR studio and everyone there has become our home away from home. A family!

Hayden is so full of energy and all her instructors are so great with her!

You have taught her  so much more than just how to be a dancer!

You have shown her kindness, love, encouragement and patience." 

-- Stacey Givens (Hayden's Mom)


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