DWR Studio Locations

DWR Studios

Each of our locations are the premiere facility in their community. Here are some examples of how each of the studios is designed with the health and safety of our dancers in mind. 


Dance encourages expression which helps boost your mood, reduces anxiety and depression and improves 

— DWR believes in you!

Spring Floors

  • Designed to absorb shock,  provide and enhance performance.
  • Well-known to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue . 
  • Were committed to the installation of sprung floors in every studio.

Vita Vibe Ballet Barres

  • Used by industry leaders such as Jeoffery School of Ballet

Marley Floors

  • Used in all our studios. See Richelle explaining the Marley Floors in our Studios.

It's a feeling

  • WE strive to make our studios feel like home away from home.
  • Spaces to do homework.
  • Full retails areas , an added convenience.
  • Places to hang out between classes.


Clear Lake


Iowa Falls

130 NE Georgetown Blvd.

1502 Second Avenue S

212 Federal Street North

617 Washington Avenue